Aaron Judge owned the Angels Twitter Account


At the outset, let us dispense with the lazy, disrespectful notion that people who run social media accounts for businesses, sports teams and other institutions, are “kids” or “interns.” I know that’s the stereotype, but it’s woefully out of date and, actually, may never have been true. The social media presence of companies, brands and the like is critically important to 21st century commerce and the people tasked with running these accounts are trained communications, marketing and/or public relations professionals.

Of course, like the rest of us, they mess up sometimes.

The person running the Los Angeles Angels account kinda messed up last night. Thankfully not in the way that causes a huge P.R. crisis and ends with a firing and apology. This one is just kinda embarrassing.

In the top of the third inning of the Yankees-Angels game, the fearsome Aaron Judge came to the plate. At the time Judge was leading the league in home runs with 21 and had just come off of a weekend in which he destroyed the Baltimore Orioles and hit the longest homer in the bigs this year. He’s, without question, the talk of baseball in the season’s first couple of months.

Angels pitcher Alex Meyer, however, was not intimidated. He struck Judge out looking. It was so inspiring that the person running the Angels Twitter account decided to have some fun with it, even going so far as to play off of the judicial “All Rise” thing Yankees fans have been saying in response to Judge’s heroics:

Pretty clever! Except, in this case the Judge gave the closing argument:

That came in the eighth inning and, as we noted in the recaps this morning, broke a 3-3 tie and gave the Yankees the ballgame.

We will use our discretion and will not hold the Angels Twitter person in contempt, but going forward, he or she had best learn to respect the Judge.