Has Bartolo Colon made his last start for the Atlanta Braves?

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Bartolo Colon allowed eight earned runs against the Phillies last night. That brings his ERA to 7.78 in 12 starts this year. That is, by far, the worst mark in the majors.

The Braves brought him in to provide some innings and stability for a rebuilding club — a sturdy veteran who can save the bullpen once a week as younger starters ramp up their workloads — but he’s doing the exact opposite, failing to complete five innings in three of his last four starts and five starts overall. In short, the $12.5 million one-year contract the Braves gave him is proving to be a disaster.

According to manager Brian Snitker, it may be a disaster that is about to end. From the AJC:

“We’re going think about it going forward,” said Braves manager Brian Snitker, who for the first time wouldn’t say the plan was for Colon to make his next start. “Haven’t made a decision yet about the next one. We’ll just see.”

If Colon isn’t starting he could become a long reliever, but it’s not a role he’s done much of in his career. It’s also not something a guy who is getting lit up like he is can effectively do, as mop up men have to, you know, mop up. It’s possible that the Braves could just release him.

As noted in the article, Friday night is Bartolo Colon bobblehead night in Atlanta, so you figure he’ll last that long. But it’s possible he’s made his last start for the Braves.