Jeb Bush reportedly no longer interested in buying the Marlins

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For a good while the Jeb Bush-Derek Jeter ownership group had been thought to be the frontrunner to purchase the Miami Marlins. Now, if Derek Jeter is going to become a baseball owner, he’s going to have to do it without Jeb:

Jeb Bush has dropped out of the race for the Miami Marlins.

The ex-presidential candidate and former Florida governor is no longer interested in buying the Marlins and has ended his pursuit of the team, two people close to the negotiations said Tuesday.

The report is that Jeb was interested in acquiring a controlling interest in the Marlins but that he did not have enough money in the deal to make that happen. Of course, given that the club is expected to go for far north of $1 billion, it’s hard to see how any one person could reasonably assure themselves of a controlling interest. Given the prices we’re talking about here, the era of individual owners, as opposed to a large group of investors working from a board-of-directors model may very well be over. At least for new ownership groups.

Jeter is said to still be interested in purchasing the Marlins and is reportedly seeking new partners. In the meantime, the group consisting of Tagg Romney, Tom Glavine and Dave Stewart is said to have made a competitive bid to that of the Jeter-Bush group and may well be the new frontrunner.