A swarm of bees invaded Kauffman Stadium before the Indians-Royals game

Getty Images

A swarm of bees invaded Kauffman Stadium before yesterday’s Indians-Royals game in Kansas City. The swarm gathered¬†in the first row of Kauffman Stadium’s upper deck, all over the American flag bunting. How disrespectful.

A member of Kansas City’s grounds crew, Jeff Diekmann, happens to be is a professional beekeeper. He dealt with the bees in expert fashion, not even wearing a beekeeper’s suit. Check it out on video, at the top of the story by the Kansas City Star.

The Royals are no strangers to bee invasions. Last year a Royals-Rockies spring training game in Surprise, Arizona was interrupted by bees. The year before, in Tempe, a Royals-Angels game was also invaded by bees. There must be something about these dudes that bees just love. Maybe Sal Perez keeps a big bag of pollen in his back pocket for good luck? I dunno.

Anyway, the bees were gone before game time and there was no delay. The Royals then went on to be one-hit by the Indians, so the biggest highlight of the day was the dude wrangling bees without a suit on.