May The Fourth Be With You

Getty Images

This may be the slowest baseball news day of the season so far.

We have some minor disabled list moves — Nate Jones of the White Sox is going on the DL with a bum elbow and Sean Doolittle of the Athletics hit the DL last night with a bum pec — but not much else. A rainout for this afternoon’s Tigers-Indians game. The Reds-Pirates game is currently delayed. They’re saying they’re going to get the Cards-Brewers game in, but I sort of doubt it. If it keeps on rainin’ in St. Louis the levee’s gonna break. Or something.

So, we have a choice. I can start ranting about politics like I am over at my personal blog or I can post some nonsense. A show of hands please.

Dang. A show of hands would’ve sufficed. You don’t have to throw rocks with “stick to sports” written on them in blood at me. I get it. Nonsense it is.

Today is May the Fourth. So, May the Fourth Be With You.