The Red Sox had to fumigate their clubhouse


As we mentioned last week, the Red Sox are dealing with a flu epidemic. Hanley Ramirez has missed several games in a row and Mookie Betts just came back yesterday after missing several games himself. Today the Sox placed Robbie Ross on the DL and even their announcer, NESN’s Dave O’Brien, has been sick. In all, a total of seven players have been sick to some degree or another.

Today John Farrell told the press that, to combat the epidemic, the Sox are fumigating and disinfecting the clubhouse at Fenway Park while the club is on the road. Like, with a big bug-bomb-style fogger and a wipe down and everything.

Here’s hoping it works. And it’s not just a big cover story for a “Breaking Bad”-style meth-cooking operation or something.