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Javier Baez exited Friday’s game after an outfield collision with Jason Heyward


Javier Baez was removed from Friday’s game against the Brewers after a frightening collision in center field caused bruising above his left eye.

The run-in occurred in the sixth inning when the Brewers’ Hernan Perez lifted a shallow fly ball to center field. Baez ran in from the infield and slid on his knees to make the catch while Jason Heyward ran in from deep center field. The second baseman appeared to hit his head during the collision and stayed on the field for several minutes, but didn’t require assistance when leaving the game.

According to ESPN’s Jesse Rogers, Baez did not sustain any damage to his eye other than the bruising on his temple. He’ll likely undergo further tests to determine if any additional injury resulted from the play, and is currently listed as day-to-day.

Pirates pitcher Steven Brault sang the National Anthem last night

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Pittsburgh Pirates swingman Steven Brault has a 4.38 ERA in 19 games this year. He also has a music degree and is a professional singer on the side of his baseball gig. He didn’t get into last night’s game against the Brewers as a pitcher, but he did get to use his singing skills.

Specifically, Brault got to sing the National Anthem. And he did an OK job of it too. He’s not Whitney Houston or anything, but he did what all Anthem singers who are not as gifted as Whitney Houston was should do: he kept it straight and businesslike, avoiding unnecessary flourishes:

It’s march, dang it, not a ballad, and it should be treated as such. Unless of course you’re Whitney Houston.