Rob Manfred plans to include players on future pace of play changes

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

During an in-game interview on ESPN on Sunday night, Commissioner Rob Manfred said he plans to include the players in future analyses aimed at improving baseball’s pace of play, ESPN reports.

Manfred said, “We’re going to work with [MLBPA executive director] Tony [Clark] and try to get small groups of players together to show them the research we’re looking at, the fan research that we’re looking at, so they’re seeing the same data that we’re seeing.”

Major League Baseball can make unilateral changes to the rules without approval of the Major League Baseball Players Association, as it gave the MLBPA a one-year notice.

Manfred also called the new intentional walk rule — which allows a manager to signal for an intentional walk rather than having his pitcher throw four pitches out of the strike zone — symbolic in the league’s attempt to improve the sport’s pace of play.