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White Sox GM Rick Hahn appears open to a roster overhaul


White Sox’ general manager Rick Hahn has made no secret of his desire to restructure the team’s roster this offseason, as Craig noted earlier this month. Per a report by ESPN’s Buster Olney, Hahn is open to trade offers for any rostered player with three or fewer years of control left on their contract.

A full-scale rebuild may or may not be in the cards for the club after their 78-84 finish in 2016, but it’s an idea that Hahn has been playing around with, at the very least. A report from Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe provided some insight into the general manager’s offseason strategy in early November, revealing that “more than one GM has said that White Sox GM Rick Hahn is open for business on just about his entire roster.”

The list of players with less than four years of control on their contracts is a lengthy one that includes left-handers Chris Sale and Dan Jennings, right-handers James Shields, Jake Petricka, Zach Putnam, David Robertson and Miguel Gonzalez, outfielders Melky Cabrera and Avisail Garcia, and infielders Todd Frazier, Jose Abreu and Brett Lawrie.

Chris Sale and fellow left-hander Jose Quintana have drawn the most interest from teams around the league, with talks reportedly initiated by the Rangers, Yankees, Red Sox, Nationals, and Braves. Last week, Williams declined to comment on any potential trade negotiations for Sale, though Cafardo noted that the ace’s name has still surfaced in conversations with other GMs.

Quintana’s name, on the other hand, has not. Whether the White Sox are waiting on the right trade offer for the lefty or whether they’re intending to retain some of their core players during the rebuild remains to be seen.

Larry Walker to wear a Rockies cap on his Hall of Fame plaque

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I guess this came out the day he was elected but I missed it somehow: Larry Walker is going to have a Rockies cap on his Fall of Fame plaque.

While it was once solely the choice of the inductee, for the past couple of decades the Hall of Fame has had final say on the caps, though the request of the inductee is noted. This is done to prevent a situation in which a cap truly misrepresents history. This issue arose around the time Wade Boggs was inducted, as he reportedly had a deal with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays to pick their cap on his plaque which, to say the least, would’ve been unrepresentative.

There have been some mildly controversial picks in the past, and some guys who would seem to have a clear choice have gone with blank caps to avoid upsetting the fan base of one of his other teams, but Walker’s doesn’t seem all that controversial to me.

Walker played ten years in Colorado to six years in Montreal and two years in St. Louis. His numbers in Colorado were substantial better than in Montreal. His MVP Award, most of his Gold Gloves, most of his All-Star appearances, and all of his black ink with the exception of the NL doubles title in 1994 came with the Rockies too. Walker requested the Rockies cap, noting correctly that he “did more damage” in a Rockies uniform than anyplace else. And, of course, that damage is what got him elected to the Hall of Fame.

Still, I imagine fans of the old Expos will take at least some issue here. Those folks tend to be pretty possessive of their team’s old stars. It’s understandable, I suppose, given that they’ve not gotten any new ones in a decade or two. Add in the fact that Walker played for the 1994 Expos team onto which people love to project things both reasonable and unreasonable, and you can expect that the Expos dead-enders might feel a bit slighted.

Welp, sorry. A Rockies cap is the right choice.  And that’s Walker’s cap will feature.