Video: Joe Biagini gets a second high five from Jimmy Fallon

Getty Images

Last Tuesday, Blue Jays’ right-hander Joe Biagini was the recipient of a lackluster high five from The Tonight Show‘s Jimmy Fallon during a taping of the show. On Friday night, Fallon explained his blunder in detail. He claimed that at the time, he simply assumed the recipient of his poorly executed high five was either a) non-athletic or b) not willing to put in the effort. Later, upon learning that Biagini was a professional athlete, the host offered to make it up to him on-air.

Biagini played up the moment for the camera, studying his hand while he approached Fallon for a do-over and holding the pose for the camera after they successfully completed their second high five.

The full exchange is below, featuring both Fallon’s mea culpa and the theatrical high five that followed.