The Diamondbacks have gotten rid of the “bloody ankles” uniforms


Last year the Diamondbacks introduced new uniforms. They were met with mostly negative reviews. That’s not uncommon, however. People’s tastes when it comes to uniform styles tends to be all over the map and often changes over time. People made fun of the old Astros “Tequila Sunrise” jerseys for basically the entire time they existed and then, once they were gone, nostalgia turned them into some sort of classic. The lesson: take everyone’s uniform criticism with a big grain of subjective salt.

There was one element of the Dbacks’ uniforms that I don’t recall anyone praising, however: the red stuff at the ankles of the home uniform pants which the Dbacks called “gradient coloration” but which looked like blood stains. There was black and gray gradient coloration on other pants. That didn’t look too great either.

Now there is good news for detractors of that bit of flair: the Dbacks have done away with it:

“We were listening to fans and players on the changes they wanted us to make,” Diamondbacks CEO Derrick Hall said. “We knew about a month into the season that we were going to end up making these changes.”

Also changed are the stripes on the uniform pants that only went down to the knee for some dang reason. Now the stripe goes the full way down.

After the bloody ankles and the stripe, the most often criticized thing about the new Arizona livery were those dark gray alternate road unis. Mostly because they made players look like big gray blobs. Those aren’t going away, but now the teal outlining on the names and team numbers has been brightened to give them more pop. Maybe now they’ll seem less blob-like.

Ever forward, Arizona. Maybe one day these togs will be Tequila Sunrise-style classics themselves.