Derek Holland will let Rangers match any offer he receives in free agency

Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Free agent starter Derek Holland was recently on 105.3 The Fan’s Ben and Skin Show in Dallas. The lefty said he would let the Rangers match any offer he receives in free agency. The Dallas Morning News provides the direct quote:

It would be weird to go somewhere else but at the same time I’ve heard it many times, a special person told me, (former manager Ron Washington) was telling me, it might be good for you to have a change of scenery. And who knows, I might go somewhere else and they trade me back to the Rangers. We don’t know what lies ahead. I told J.D. when I get offered something, I want to throw that to them and see if they want to compete with it or whatnot. I want to give the Rangers a chance, no matter what. I’m always going to leave that door open. I’m not closing that door. If they close the door, then fine, I guess I have to close the door. But as far as I know it’s still open and I’m leaving it open for them as well.

Holland, 30, has been limited to 35 starts over the past three seasons due to injuries. But he still stands to draw interest in free agency as the market, particularly for starting pitchers, is weak.

The Pirates have been reported to have interest in Holland.