Joe Torre, while cautiously optimistic, was not a fan of Trump’s campaign

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MLB’s Chief Baseball Officer Joe Torre was at a gala last night and he was asked about Donald Trump, with whom he has played golf before. Torre, quite surprisingly, given how few in the baseball world tend to offer actual opinions about politics, talked about how he was not a fan of the tone and rhetoric which spun out of Trump’s campaign. From the Daily News:

“I know (Trump). I played golf with him,” Torre said Thursday night before his Safe at Home gala at Cipriani Wall Street. “I’m not a fan of the process, I don’t mind saying that. I thought there was a lot of disrespect. I wasn’t a fan of it. Our children — it’s tough when you don’t want your children to watch a debate.”

The charity gala was for Torre’s Safe at Home foundation, which combats domestic violence. As such, he was asked about the allegations of sexual assault leveled against the president-elect:

“To me, whether you’re a Republican or Democrat or Independent, once the process reaches a conclusion, I think we should all be on the same team. We’ve all got to pull for good things to happen,” said Torre. “In relation to what we do (at Safe at Home), there are beliefs on both sides of the aisle and they’re different. I’m hopeful and confident that everybody involved wants to keep women and children safe. That’s really my concern.”