Curtis Granderson dropped the hottest election take yesterday

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You tend to not get very strong political takes from baseball players. Like most people, ballplayers have political opinions (the vast majority of them are conservatives, BTW), but most of them are not necessarily vocal about it. They are counseled by their clubs to avoid controversy. Those who do venture into political topics often create controversy because they’re highly-trained to play baseball, not to speak with nuance and care on charged topics outside their area of expertise.

While I wish more would speak up, I understand why they don’t. It’s a dicey proposition when an athlete wades into those waters, and that’s before you get into the matter of sponsorships and all of that.

But some do comment on politics! Like Curtis Granderson, who offered this bit of hot fire yesterday when asked about his thoughts on the election. From the Daily News:

Asked his opinion on Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton, Granderson replied, “A lot of people came out and voted. The votes showed which way they wanted to see things happen. You had a lot of people on both sides of it.

“I think when I saw the popular vote it was close — Hillary won by a little margin, but in the big states where things were decided and could be decided, a lot of the people were Trump supporters on that side.”

Now there’s a guy who is not afraid to tell it like it is. Really makes you think.

Brian Cashman signs 4-year contract to remain Yankees GM

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SAN DIEGO — Brian Cashman has signed a four-year contract to remain the New York Yankees Senior Vice President and General Manager. The announcement was made during the first day of baseball’s Winter Meetings.

Cashman, New York’s GM since 1998, had been working on a handshake agreement since early November, when his five-year contract expired.

The Yankees were swept by four games in the AL Championship Series and haven’t reached the World Series since winning in 2009. It is the franchise’s longest title drought since an 18-year gap between 1978-96.

Cashman’s main goal during the offseason is trying to re-sign AL MVP Aaron Judge.

Judge hit an American League-record 62 homers this season with a .311 batting average and 131 RBIs. He turned down the Yankees’ offer on the eve of opening day of a seven-year contract that would have paid $213.5 million from 2023-29.

While Judge remains on the market, Cashman was able to re-sign Anthony Rizzo on Nov. 15 to a two-year contract worth $40 million after turning down a $16 million player option.

Cashman has been the Yankees general manager since 1998. He has been with the organization since 1986, when he was a 19-year old intern in the scouting department. In his 25 seasons as GM, the Yankees have reached the postseason 21 times, including four World Series championships and six American League titles.