College baseball teams are dominating the Mannequin Challenge

Getty Images

The “Mannequin Challenge” is the buzzword of the week, as high schools, colleges, and even the Pittsburgh Steelers have joined the craze. It’s exactly what it sounds like: capturing footage of people freezing in place like statues or mannequins for several minutes. The more people involved and the more elaborate the tableau, the more impressive the footage.

While no professional baseball teams have gotten in on the challenge yet, a fair number of college baseball squads have risen to the occasion. North Carolina Central University posted a video of their team workout frozen in action:

The City College of New York recreated what looks like a casual outdoor workout by comparison:

The Ontario High School baseball team tackled a variety of scenarios, from a collision on the basepaths to a catch at the wall and a brawl in the infield:

UC Riverside put some serious thought into their video, involving the entire team in a still life of a walk-off grand slam:

In the meantime, I’ll be here, patiently waiting for the Cubs to enter the Mannequin Challenge by recreating David Ross‘ home run in Game 7 of the World Series.