Too soon? Here are the odds for the 2017 baseball season

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I posted this list to Twitter with the obligatory “too soon?” disclaimer, figuring that everyone would be in no kind of head space to be thinking about the next baseball season when this last one had just ended hours ago. Shows you what I know: more people responded to it than most of the stuff I tweeted about the World Series.

I suppose that’s a good reminder that, no matter how many people got into the World Series, baseball is still a local game. For 20 teams’ fan bases, the season has been over for a month and all that has gone on hasn’t mattered a lick. For all but two it’s been a good week since they cared about anything.

There is no offseason in baseball. And there is always next year.

Here are the odds for the 2017 season, courtesy of Bovada:

Odds to win the 2017 World Series

Chicago Cubs                           7/2
Boston Red Sox                       9/1
Los Angeles Dodgers                9/1
Washington Nationals                12/1
Cleveland Indians                      14/1
New York Mets                          14/1
San Francisco Giants                14/1
Toronto Blue Jays                     14/1
Houston Astros                         16/1
Texas Rangers                          16/1
Baltimore Orioles                       22/1
Detroit Tigers                            22/1
St. Louis Cardinals                    22/1
New York Yankees                    25/1
Seattle Mariners                        25/1
Pittsburgh Pirates                      28/1
Kansas City Royals                   33/1
Chicago White Sox                    40/1
Miami Marlins                            40/1
Los Angeles Angels                  50/1
Colorado Rockies                     66/1
Tampa Bay Rays                       66/1
Milwaukee Brewers                    75/1
Oakland Athletics                      75/1
Arizona Diamondbacks              100/1
Atlanta Braves                           100/1
Cincinnati Reds                         100/1
Minnesota Twins                        100/1
Philadelphia Phillies                   100/1
San Diego Padres                     100/1