Game 7 was the most-watched baseball game in 15 years

Getty Images

While last night’s instant-classic Game 7 delivered on the field for anyone who watched it, it delivered for Fox and Major League Baseball in the ratings too: the overnight rating was a 25.2, which made it the most-watched baseball game since Game 7 of the 2001 World Series between the Yankees and the Diamondbacks. That’s almost double the rating for Giants-Royals Game 7 in 2014. Once final ratings come in it will likely be higher than even that 25.2.

Locally the game was, not surprisingly, huge in both Chicago and Cleveland. In Chicago it delivered a 51.2 rating, which is the highest-ever rating for a baseball game in the Windy City. It notched a 48.6 in Cleveland. Seventy-one percent of all people watching TV in Chicago had Game 7 on. Sixty-nine percent of all people watching TV in Cleveland were tuned in. Nice.

The game outdrew Game 7 of the much-watched NBA Finals this year. It will likely follow only The Super Bowl and the three presidential debates as the top rated broadcasts for the entire year.