Craig Sager put $1,000 down on the Cubs to win the World Series last year

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The great Craig Sager has had a rough go of it health-wise in recent years, but don’t you dare call him unlucky.

He’d be the first to tell you not to, given all that he has experienced in life and how much he has said to have enjoyed his long and fascinating career in sports. No matter what he has faced, he has always been a positive guy and people with that kind of attitude rarely consider themselves unlucky.

But he’s been lucky in far more basic ways of late. He just won a bunch of money on the Chicago Cubs:

I’m not sure what the December odds were, but several sports betting concerns had the Cubs at 4-1 or so when spring training began.

You do gotta think positive. Here’s to Craig Sager, ever the optimist. And now a slightly richer optimist.