108-year-old Mabel Ball has waited a long time for a Cubs victory

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The Cubs are one win away from doing something that has not been done in my lifetime and the lifetime of anyone reading this website. But there are some folks who were alive the last time the Cubs won the World Series. At least one of them is a Cubs fan.

Mabel Ball was born two months before the 1908 Cubs won it all. She obviously doesn’t remember that, but she’s been listening to Cubs games on the radio since at least the time of Vince Lloyd and Jack Brickhouse. Brickhouse took over the mic for the Cubs in 1948 when, just three years removed from an NL Pennant, it probably didn’t seem too far fetched that the Cubs would be back in the Fall Classic again. Yet it took this long.

As Ball tells Chicago’s ABC 7, the Cubs’ futility was never a historical concept to her, it was just what was going on in the background as life carried on. But she’s certainly rooting for Chicago now. “Wait ’til next year” has long been the Cubs’ unofficial motto. But really, 108 years is enough, right? At least to someone who has been waiting . . . 108 years.