Hunter Pence dressed up as Napoleon Dynamite for Halloween

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My kids are 11 and 12 now, but still dressed up for Halloween and went out trick or treating. I’m thinking I stopped doing it by the 6th or 7th grade, but I can’t remember precisely. I asked them if they thought they were too old for it, but they each had a bunch of friends doing it, so whatever.

My daughter went as Eleven from “Stranger Things.” I know that’s a popular costume among older Halloween partiers, but I didn’t see any other 12-year-olds dressed like that. Probably because most parents didn’t let their 12-year-olds watch the show like I did, due to it being scary and having some adult situations and what with it being obviously aimed at 80s nostalgists and GenXers like me and stuff. Oh well, she didn’t have any nightmares. If it warped her, the effects likely won’t manifest themselves until she’s moved out and then it’s really not my problem, right? Acknowledging that is just good parenting.

My son dressed up like Napoleon Dynamite. Also a bit of a strange choice as that movie came out a year before he was born and was aimed at ironists, Millennials . . . and GenXers like me. But he’s an odd duck, he liked the movie and liked the costume, so it wasn’t like I was going to object. I didn’t see any other grade schoolers or junior high school kids dressed like Napoleon Dynamite either, so both of my kids were weirdos.

My son at least has a baseball role model in this respect. Also, as far as baseball players go anyway, a weirdo:

Pence’s Pedro is his girlfriend (fiancee? I dunno) Alexis Cozombolidis of CSNBay Area. My son did not have a Pedro. The friend he went trick or treating with dressed up as “An Ohio Sports Super Fan” with a Cavs jersey, Indians cap and Ohio State pants and stuff. I asked him where his Browns gear was and he said “the Browns suck.” They then left and I handed out candy on the front porch while drinking bourbon.

Hope you all had as happy a Halloween as we all did.