Terry Francona couldn’t sleep, so he ordered $44 in room service ice cream

Elsa/Getty Images

Per MLB.com’s Jordan Bastian, Indians manager Terry Francona found himself unable to sleep after the Indians won Game 4 of the World Series to take a 3-1 lead over the Cubs. So, Francona decided to call up room service at 3:30 AM and ordered $44 worth of ice cream.

Knowing how pricey room service is, $44 likely got Francona just one bowl.

As someone who suffers from chronic insomnia, I can relate to Francona’s situation. You reach a point where you know you won’t get back to sleep — or if you do you’ll have so little sleep — that you decide you may as well have fun staying up rather than fruitlessly tossing and turning. Hence the ice cream.

On less than a full night of sleep, Francona is currently trying to manage his Indians to their first championship since 1948.