Smash Mouth doesn’t like the way the Athletics are run

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

If you were doing something productive and/or fun with your Friday night, you missed out on some juicy Twitter drama. Singer Steve Harwell, ostensibly tweeting on his band Smash Mouth’s Twitter account, got into a tiff with the Athletics’ Twitter account as well as some fans of various teams who happened to chime in.

It all started when John Shea of the San Francisco Chronicle tweeted innocently about former Athletic and current Indian Coco Crisp. Harwell took the tweet as an opportunity to slam the A’s.

Then the Athletics’ Twitter, probably an intern, chimed in:

A’s reliever Sean Doolittle then entered the fray:

A’s Twitter continued to torch Harwell:

Doolittle’s girlfriend, Eireann Dolan of CSN Authentic, wondered what happened:

The A’s and Doolittle bowed out from there, but Harwell is still going at it with basically anyone that hops into his mentions. So if it’s not your bedtime yet, grab some popcorn and pull up a chair.