Must-Click Link: The Oral History of Baseball on “Seinfeld”

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As a 40+ year-old white guy, I am obligated to make mention of everything that has to do with (a) baseball; (b) “The Simpsons” and (c) “Seinfeld.” If it has to do with two of those things, it’s “Must-Click Link” material. Today we have one of those instances.

It comes from Rob Neyer, writing for Complex Sports. There, via interviews, research and a lot of “Seinfeld” watching, he has complied an oral history of baseball references in “Seinfeld.”

Watching the references change from the Mets to the Yankees over the run of the show tracked the rise of one franchise and the fall of the other and, as such, was art imitating life. Watching Keith Hernandez’ post playing career star rise was, in some ways, life imitating art. Watching Larry David do his crazy George Steinbrenner impression showed us how imitation (a) is not necessarily the sincerest form of flattery; and (b) often isn’t actually an imitation in any literal sense.

Anyway, it’s a fun article for everyone who likes baseball and “Seinfeld.” Which covers the majority of you, I presume.