Adrian Gonzalez avoided the Trump hotel last May


When the Dodgers faced the Cubs in Chicago back in May, the club stayed at the Trump International Hotel and Tower. They typically stay there when visiting the Windy City, in fact. But J.P. Hoornstra of the O.C. Register notes that there was one exception during that regular season road trip:

“I didn’t stay there,” Adrian Gonzalez confirmed. “I had my reasons.”

Gonzalez wouldn’t go into the reasons as he didn’t want to make a political thing out of it, but as Hoornstra explains, there’s a pretty good chance his reasons were political. For what it’s worth now, the Dodgers did not stay at the Trump for the NLCS this past weekend because the hotel required a non-refundable deposit and the Dodgers didn’t know they’d be going to Chicago for sure until after Game 5 against the Nats.

Another sports figure, Mark Cuban, has suggested that Trump’s presidential campaign will hurt his business brand. Specifically, his hotel business as many travelers and convention organizers will eschew the Trump name due to the political baggage that comes along with it. I doubt that will affect sports team travel decisions as, say, deposit rules will, but it’ll be pretty interesting to see if other athletes do what Adrian Gonzalez did and make other arrangements.