Trevor Bauer pushed back in ALCS rotation because of a drone injury

Getty Images

Indians starter Trevor Bauer was slated to start Game 2 of the ALCS and Josh Tomlin was to take the Game 3 start. Now they’re being flip-flopped, the Indians say. Why? Because Bauer injured his finger while repairing one of the drones he likes to play with.

Seriously. Indians president Chris Antonetti says that Bauer lacerated his pinky on the outside of his right hand while repairing one of his drones. Bauer designs and builds these things, by the way, with the aid of a 3D printer. They have cameras attached and everything. It’s pretty sophisticated as far as hobby stuff goes.

But it’s also now altering the Indians playoff plans. Antonetti says that the injury should not affect any of Bauer’s pitches and that the pushback is simply to give the stitches a couple of extra days to heal.

I’m sure no one will give him a hard time about this at all.