Giants fire their first and third base coaches


Pop quiz, hotshot:

Your team cratered in the second half, going from the game’s best record at the All-Star break to just barely making the playoffs. Along the way the bullpen was revealed to be a HUGE problem and, in fact, ended up being the reason you got bounced from the NLDS. The offseason has now begun. What to do you? WHAT DO YOU DO?!

Well, you fire the first and third base coaches, that’s what:

That refers to coaches Roberto Kelly and Bill Hayes. Giants GM Bobby Evans says the rest of the staff will remain intact for 2017.

OK, in all seriousness, there are likely totally valid reasons for Kelly and Hayes to go. There are a lot of reasons why coaches get canned that most of us know nothing about. And, obviously, the Giants will be spending the offseason dealing with what went wrong for them down the stretch.

Still, any chance I get to use that Dennis Hopper-from-“Speed” meme, I’m gonna take it.