Joe Kelly leaves Ken Bone tickets for tonight’s Indians-Red Sox game

Getty Images

If you had the good sense to avoid last night’s debate, you didn’t get a chance to meet Ken Bone. If you watched that train wreck for some reason, however, or if you saw his celebrity blow up on social media this morning, you know that Ken Bone is the undecided voter who asked a question about energy policy in the town hall-style proceedings last night.

There were a few things going into Bone’s still-ticking 15 minutes of fame: His red sweater. The fact that he took a photo of the debate stage with a disposable camera. The fact that, in response to some comments on social media, he demonstrated a pretty sharp and self-aware sense of humor. In a political season that has been pretty ugly in a hundred different ways, Ken Bone was what passes for a breath of fresh air.

And Joe Kelly of the Boston Red Sox is a fan:

Kelly had another tweet of interest:

*MLB security forces storm the Red Sox clubhouse and take Kelly’s iPhone away*