The Indians may get a day off before the playoffs taken away from them

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It’s raining in Detroit today. Raining so much that it could postpone this afternoon’s Tigers-Indians game. The Indians already clinched the AL Central and will start play in the ALDS next week. The Tigers, however, are a game back in the Wild Card race and will likely be playing for their playoff lives until Sunday afternoon.

Which means that today’s game may very well matter a lot for the Tigers as well as the Blue Jays and Orioles. Which means . . .

Congratulations, Indians. As a reward for the Wild Card contenders not being able to put the others behind them, you could get a day off taken away from you before the playoffs!

Which stinks, but when you think about it, it could also have some weird incentives and implications. While that Monday game would matter a lot for the Tigers and whoever is their competition for the last Wild Card, it’s a pitcher-burning annoyance for the AL Central champions. Might they be incentivized to use a crappy pitcher for it? To play it like an exhibition game or something? Might that not give the Tigers an unfair advantage and really piss off the Orioles or whoever?

I’m sure everyone will say they’re playing hard, but if the Indians go out and sign Dennis Martinez to pitch on Monday, don’t say I didn’t warn you.