Adam Jones finds the empty seats at Camden Yards “eerie”

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Orioles and Red Sox played the third game of their four-game set on Wednesday, a game that has implications on both the American League East race and the Wild Card race. Yet, fans aren’t showing up at Camden Yards for what have been the Orioles’ most important games to date.

18,456 fans showed up for Monday’s game. 20,387 showed up Tuesday. Wednesday saw a modest increase of 20,865, per CSN Mid-Atlantic’s Rich Dubroff. To put that in perspective, the average attendance per game among all 30 clubs is 30,103, according to Baseball Reference. The three-game average 19,902 over the past three days at Camden Yards would be the fourth-lowest average attendance.

Outfielder Adam Jones doesn’t like seeing the empty seats. The lack of fans is “not sad, just, like, errie,” he said, as Peter Schmuck of the Baltimore Sun reports. Jones rattled off some possible explanations for the low attendance, such as ticket prices, but added, “I get all that, but I’m saying, the city wanted a winner. The last five years we’ve gotten a winner. I don’t know if they’ve gotten complacent on us from winning. I hope they haven’t, because winning is fun every single year. Being in this race is very exciting every single year.”

If there is any consolation, the Orioles’ television ratings on MASN are strong, according to Schmuck. Jones said, “I know [the ratings] are really good, but we can’t tell who’s watching the game on TV.”