Tim Tebow hit a batting practice home run

Getty Images

I can’t remember the last time I wrote a post about someone hitting a batting practice home run, but — wait? What? Oh yeah, I did it just this morning. Never mind.

Anyway, Tim Tebow hit a batting practice home run today! He homered to right field during BP down in Port St. Lucie. Reporters on the scene said that someone went and got the ball afterward, so check out either MLB’s auction page or Tebow’s own website to see if it’s up for sale, authenticated and autographed for, like, $100 soon.

In other news, Tebow spoke to the press again after practice. You’ll be happy to know that he went shopping at Target last night, purchasing some almonds and La Croix. Which is what I snack on while I blog all day so I’m basically a professional athlete. He should go to Costco for the La Croix, though. The 24 packs are hella cheap, even if they only sell lime.