Dodgers mock Madison Bumgarner with “#DontLookAtMe” t-shirts

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Giants ace Madison Bumgarner was at it again during Monday night’s start against the Dodgers. After getting Yasiel Puig to ground out to end the inning, Bumgarner began yelling at Puig, who hadn’t done anything to provoke the outburst. Bumgarner yelled, “Don’t look at me. Don’t look at me. Don’t f-ing look at me,” which caused both benches to empty. Order was eventually restored and the Giants would go on to suffer a heartbreaking 2-1 walk-off loss.

At least three Dodgers — Puig, Adrian Gonzalez, and Jose De Leon — decided to mock Bumgarner for Monday night’s incident, wearing shirts with the hashtag, “#DontLookAtMe.”

Gonzalez said in an on-field interview after the win that Bumgarner “needs to do a better job of getting in the dugout.”

By the way, that wasn’t the first dust-up between Bumgarner and Puig. Puig homered off of Bumgarner on May 9, 2014. Bumgarner presumably didn’t like Puig’s bat toss, so the two exchanged pleasantries. On September 24 later that season, Bumgarner hit Puig in the first inning. They exchanged more pleasantries and Puig attempted to meet up with Bumgarner but was restrained by catcher Buster Posey and the home plate umpire. Both benches emptied.