Video: Mike Trout knows how to slide

Getty Images

Mike Trout hits better than just about everyone, plays a wicked center field, steals a bunch of bases and is in the lineup nearly every dang day. But that’s not all he can do. The dude can slide a little bit.

Yesterday against the Blue Jays Trout hit the ball to right field. It was a borderline call for Trout to try to take two, but he started chugging for two. Jose Bautista fielded the ball perfectly and fired to second base. Almost every single player in the game would’ve been dead to rights stretching for that double, but Trout’s super hard running between first and second made it close and his absolute perfect slide made him safe.

A more impressive slide came later in the game when Trout stood on second base as Albert Pujols singled. Trout was waved home and, once again, Bautista came up firing. Once again his throw was on the money and would’ve nailed almost any runner in baseball. Once again, Trout slid perfectly, this time using a little slight-of-hand to beat the tag.

Watch both:

[mlbvideo id=”1175089383″ width=”600″ height=”336″ /]

I’m beginning to think that this Trout kid can play a little ball.