Photo of the Day: David Ortiz in a Patriots jersey


I have a lot of feelings about this photo, taken yesterday, as David Ortiz served as honorary captain for the New England Patriots. Among them:

  • David Ortiz looks like one of the biggest baseball players around but the second you put him in a football jersey he looks like any fan out of the stands. Football players are big, y’all.
  • I saw an ESPN thing yesterday with this and it talked about Ortiz being on the “Mt. Rushmore of Boston Sports,” along with Bobby Orr, Tom Brady and Larry Bird. I love me some Big Papi and, if championships are what matters, fine, Ortiz goes. I feel like Ted Williams and Yaz might demand a recount, however.
  • Tom Brady has been a vocal supporter of Donald Trump. David Ortiz hates Trump. Ortiz, however, as evidenced by both his words on the subject and this number 12 jersey, is a huge Brady backer, particularly with respect to Brady’s plight in the whole DeflateGate mess. Which just goes to show you: people can still disagree politically, yet still be friends.