For the first time, four Phillies infielders have hit 20-plus home runs

Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

One would think that, since Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley, and Ryan Howard played together for so many years, that the trio along with any third baseman would have accomplished the feat of each hitting 20-plus homers at least once. But that never happened. The one thing the Phillies have been missing since the Scott Rolen days was a reliable, productive third baseman.


  • 2005: David Bell (10 HR)
  • 2006: Bell (6 HR), Abraham Nunez (2 HR)
  • 2007: Nunez (0 HR), Wes Helms (5 HR)
  • 2008: Pedro Feliz (14 HR), Greg Dobbs (9 HR)
  • 2009: Feliz (12 HR)
  • 2010: Placido Polanco (6 HR)
  • 2011: Polanco (5 HR)
  • 2012: Polanco (2 HR), Kevin Frandsen (2 HR)
  • 2013: Michael Young (8 HR), Cody Asche (5 HR)
  • 2014: Asche (10 HR)
  • 2015: Maikel Franco (14 HR), Asche (12 HR), Andres Blanco (7 HR)
  • 2016: Franco (22 HR)

Franco, this year, is joined by first baseman Tommy Joseph (20 HR), first baseman Ryan Howard (22 HR), as well as shortstop Freddy Galvis, who blasted his 20th homer of the season on Sunday afternoon against the Marlins. For the first time, four Phillies infielders hit 20-plus homers in the same season, Matt Gelb of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

The power from Howard and Galvis has been nice, but they haven’t done much otherwise offensively. Both have sub-.275 on-base percentages and are on pace to have two of 19 seasons in which a player hit 20 or more home runs but posted an adjusted OPS (a.k.a. OPS+) below 80. The average OPS+ is 100.