Gary Sanchez hits home run, rips hole in atmosphere

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Gary Sanchez is about as well-rounded a rookie catcher as you could hope for. His arm strength is well above average, his speed has been noted both off the bat and out of the glove, and he’s not too shabby at the plate, either.

During the third inning of Saturday’s 6-5 loss to the Red Sox, Sanchez ripped a 95 m.p.h. fastball off of David Price, sending it hurtling 407 feet to left center field for his 15th home run of the season. Like Mike Napoli‘s hop over the Little Green Monster in Cleveland on Friday night, but, you know, on a much more impressive scale, Sanchez’s shot skimmed the top of Fenway’s Green Monster as it exited the field.

According to’s Home Run Tracker, Sanchez has now cleared 400 feet in nine of his 15 home runs. His exit velocity tops out around 110.3 m.p.h., a good 10 m.p.h. below Mike Trout‘s league-leading exit velocity of 120.5, but his home runs have averaged around 104.4 m.p.h. per blast. This one, oddly enough, ranked third-slowest among his home runs of 2016 and topped out at just 101 m.p.h.

Sanchez’s two-run shot was the 15th he acquired in 42 games, tying another rookie infielder from the Yankees’ history books:

Maas hit often and well in his first year with the Yankees, finishing the 1990 season with 21 home runs in 300 plate appearances and coming in second to Cleveland’s Sandy Alomar on the AL Rookie of the Year ballots. Blocked by Don Mattingly at first base, he was relegated to the DH spot and eventually petered out in the major leagues, finishing his career with a 22-game stint in Minnesota, where he batted .193/.281/.316 and hit exactly one home run.

Thankfully for the Yankees of 2016, there appear to be no such roadblocks for Gary Sanchez — just as long as he continues to rake.