Tigers minor leaguer pleads no contest to charges arising out of a bar fight


A couple of weeks ago Tigers minor league pitcher Warwick Saupold and two Pirates minor leaguers were involved in a bar brawl. Saupold allegedly punched someone in the face during the fracas, which took place outside of the Bronze Boar bar, which is across from the Toledo Mud Hens’ ballpark. Saupold was arrested and, subsequently, suspended by the Tigers.

Now he’s the legal system’s problem, but the legal system is gonna make short work of him. From Katie Strang of ESPN:

According to court documents, Detroit Tigers minor league pitcher Warwick Saupold appeared in Toledo court this morning and entered a plea of no contest on the assault charge he faces from his arrest last month.

Strang reports that Saupold is likely to be forced to do some sort of telephone/online course as punishment after which the charges will likely be expunged, all of which is pretty typical for a guy without a record whose only offense was gettin’ chippy with some dudes outside the Bronze Boar.

I hope we all learned something out of all of this. I think we did. *Hugs*