Report: Blue Jays to hire former Red Sox GM Ben Cherington

Getty Images

Shi Davidi of SportsNet reports that the Toronto Blue Jays are “on the verge” of hiring former Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington as a vice-president of baseball operations. Cherington would be working primarily in player development.

Probably a good role for Cherington.  There was a general consensus that Cherington did well with player development tasks while running the Red Sox but not as well with the larger things like free agent signings and trades. In Cherington’s defense, there is likewise chatter that the bad free agent signings under his watch were ownership diktats, not things that were his own idea, but obviously only those on the inside truly know the facts.

Since being let go by the Red Sox Cherington has served on the faculty of the sports management program at Columbia University’s School of Professional Studies, presumably waiting for his next baseball opportunity. Now he’s apparently found it.