October 2 is it: Vin Scully will not do any Dodgers playoff games

Getty Images

Vin Scully told the Los Angeles Times yesterday that, unlike in some past years, he will not call any Dodgers playoff games on the radio. That means that the Dodgers final regular season game — October 2, against the Giants in San Francisco — will be the last game he calls. September 25 with be his last game called from the booth at Dodger Stadium.

Scully gave two reasons: first, if he’s doing playoff games, he really doesn’t have a definitive end date. He equated it to an opera singer giving multiple encores, and said that’s really not his style. More poignantly, as he told Jon Weisman of Dodger Insider, he noted that October 2, 1936 was a special day for him: it was the day that he saw the New York Giants’ line score from the World Series which made the then eight-year-old Scully a baseball fan for life. Scully said “My last game, my wonderful last game after 67 years with the ballclub, will be against the San Francisco Giants. It will be October the 2nd, 2016. Exactly 80 years from when that little kid saw that Giants score.”

Most of us don’t get to pick how we’ll go out, professionally, personally or otherwise. Scully gets to and I like that he’s sticking to his guns about his last game.