County Republican Party opposes Rangers new taxpayer-funded ballpark

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Ballpark finance politics often create a bit of a bizarro situation in which flaming pinkos like me end up sounding like hardcore anti-government spending types while, often, such as in Cobb County, Georgia, the self-proclaimed conservatives seem to love coming out in favor of government largesse.

It’s really not that bizarro, though. We pinkos don’t think that the money shouldn’t be spent on ballparks due to some philosophical opposition to government spending in general. We’re pretty cool with many categories of government spending. Just not the “give hundreds of millions to billionaires so they can make more money” spending. We want it spent on helping the poor, for education, for social services and the construction of socialist reeducation camps so that our children can learn GoodThink. Meanwhile, conservatives have always been in favor of big spending as long as it benefits business interests and people who vote for conservatives. It’s complicated!

Whatever you think about all of that, it certainly is news when part of the local power structure, be it left or right, opposes a big stadium project. Politicians of all parties love those things! But not if they’re Republicans in Arlington, Texas. At least not if they want the support of their party this fall:

Opponents of the proposed $1 billion retractable-roof stadium to replace Globe Life Park in Arlington as home of the Texas Rangers have gained a new ally as Election Day nears.

The Tarrant County Republican Party approved a resolution Thursday night opposing the city of Arlington’s commitment to pay up to $500 million toward the project using public financing.

The resolution recites part of the party’s platform: “We oppose all bailouts of domestic and foreign government entities, states and all businesses, public and private. We oppose local government handouts to businesses and other private entities in the name of economic development.”

On November 8, Tarrant County voters will vote on the ballpark financing plan. Kudos to the Tarrant County Republican Party for taking a rare stand against this sort of thing.

(h/t to Babe Ruth’s Legs)