Stephen Strasburg has a strained flexor mass

Getty Images

Nationals stater Stephen Strasburg left last night’s start after feeling a pinch in his elbow. This after a sting on the DL with elbow soreness. This is a scary for any pitcher, but it’s especially scare for a pitcher with a Tommy John surgery in his rear view mirror.

Strasburg had an MRI today and the results are in. It’s better news than might’ve been expected: a strained flexor mass. You may not know what that is (note: they are tendons in your forearm that help you move your fingers) but the takeaway here is that it’s not his UCL, which is the ligament that made Tommy John famous.

There is no timetable for Strasburg’s return and there won’t be one until swelling goes down. That means that his status for the playoffs is unclear. It all depends on how he responds to rest.

UPDATE: I was just reminded that the Nationals thought Strasburg had a strained flexor tendon in 2010 too. Right before he went under the knife for Tommy John surgery. Yikes.