D-Backs president and CEO Derrick Hall is doing a Reddit AMA and it probably won’t go well

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

One of the Diamondbacks’ social media interns (presumably) posted a thread on Reddit’s /r/baseball on Wednesday night, gathering questions ahead of Thursday evening when club president and CEO Derrick Hall would stop by and answer those questions.

You may remember the Diamondbacks from such blunders as trading for Shelby Miller and then defending trading for Shelby Miller. You may also remember them from the time chief baseball officer Tony La Russa stormed into the Pirates’ broadcast booth after the broadcasters criticized the team over hitting opposing batters in retaliation.

There’s so much more, really, and the displeasure among fans could not have been captured better than in that Reddit thread. In the thread’s most upvoted comment, a fan with the moniker “ThisMachineKILLS” writes, “But as a diehard Diamondbacks fan … it’s also apparent that baseball has moved on without us, except to look back at us and laugh. Why are we the laughing stock of the league?” That comment received Reddit Gold, a way other readers and commenters reward the comment’s author for a good comment.

Another fan, prob25, writes, “I’ve been a fan since the beginning of the franchise and have stuck with them even after all the horrible seasons. So I have to say, Congratulations! This front office has killed my interest in the team.”

Rhinojo writes, “Why did you hire two guys with no team building experience to build the team?”

lrpatt writes, “[My dad and I] have watched this franchise devolve into the laughing stock of the division and league. I still watch, but go to bed angry almost every night.”

These are all within the seven most-upvoted comments as of this writing. Hall and his social media team don’t appear to realize what they’ve just stepped into, but it looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun to watch. Hall will start answering questions at 5 PM EDT. Getcha popcorn ready.