Chavez and Ravin played at Chavez Ravine last night

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Dodger Stadium sits in a canyon called Chavez Ravine. As such, it is often said, by way of variety, that Dodgers games take place at Chavez Ravine instead of “Dodger Stadium.” It’s nice local color.

The place his been a ballpark for 54 years. Last night, however, was a first. Chavez and Ravin playing at Chavez Ravine. Specifically, pitchers Jesse Chavez and Josh Ravin both appearing in a game. They did so in the eighth and ninth innings, respectively:

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 7.49.10 AM

In other news, you should read up on the history of Chavez Ravine some time. Short version: it was home to a vibrant Mexican-American community until the 1950s, when the city demolished it in order to build public housing. The housing was never built, however, due to shifting political winds and the fear that public housing was too socialist for Southern California. Dodgers owner Walter O’Malley, coming in from Brooklyn, swooped in and, after a vote, was able to purchase the land to build Dodger Stadium. But not before a lot of landowners there were basically snookered with respect to the value of their homes in a multi-year saga.

In other news, Ry Cooder recorded a great concept album about all of that called, appropriately enough, “Chavez Ravine.” Here’s one of the songs off of it, “Third Base, Dodger Stadium”:


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