Vin Scully’s final six Dodgers games to be available on broadcast TV


Dodgers games, as most of you are aware, have been difficult to find on cable TV in southern California over the past couple of years. This is because their cable channel SportsNet LA, is not carried by several cable companies due to the high price Time Warner and the Dodgers are asking to be paid for carriage. While the situation is a bit better this year than in years past, it’s still the case that a wide swath of the Dodgers territory is unable to watch Dodgers games on TV.

This has been particularly troublesome for people who watch Dodgers game in order to enjoy the broadcasting talents of Vin Scully, who is about to enter his final month as the team’s broadcaster. Missing him day-in, day-out has been hard for these folks, but they’ll at least get a few games before Scully heads off into retirement:

Earlier this year I advocated for MLB Network or Fox or someone to broadcast Scully’s last few games nationally, without blackout restrictions. That was obviously a pipe dream, but it’s good to see that someone has stepped up to give this gift to Dodgers fans.