VIDEO: Jose Reyes ripped the cover off a baseball

Getty Images


Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez showed us how to skin a baseball. MythBusters later proved that such a feat was possible, albeit only if the ball were cranked a full 400 m.p.h. at the bat. In the last few years, as best as I can figure out, it’s only happened a handful of times: Chipper Jones ripped the cover off a baseball back in 2011, Martin Maldonado and Jose Abreu did it in 2014, Andrew McCutchen absolutely destroyed this pitch in 2015, and Wil Myers killed a foul tip in 2016.

Jose Reyes added his name to the list on Friday night during the first inning of the Mets-Nationals game. It wasn’t a legendary rip, but watch the ball go down spinning at the plate.

[mlbvideo id=”1126842383″ width=”600″ height=”336″ /]

Next time, hit it for a home run, Reyes.