Jacob deGrom: “Everthing’s fine”

Getty Images

Last night Jacob deGrom labored through five innings and saw his velocity dip down to 91 m.p.h. As he left the game he motioned to the Mets trainer to follow him. This, after getting a lot of extra rest due to some poor performances, seemed ominous.

Adam Rubin of ESPN New York reports, however, that according to deGrom, everything is fine:

DeGrom initially said after the game that he “didn’t feel great,” but later defined that statement to mean from a mechanical perspective and offered no clarity on why he summoned Ramirez.

“Everthing’s fine,” deGrom said. “I was frustrated with how I pitched. I didn’t feel great out there tonight. I just wanted to talk to Ray. … I’m fine.”

deGrom said he was “out-of-sync.” Not sure what a trainer would be able to offer to help that out as opposed to a pitching coach, but we’ll leave that to the professionals. For what it’s worth, Terry Collins was unaware that deGrom had summoned the trainer until after the game.

The Mets have had a gabillion injuries this season. They really don’t need a gabillion and one.