Report: The Dodgers approached the Dbacks about a Zack Greinke trade

Getty Images

Ken Rosenthal reports that the Dodgers reached out to the Diamondbacks with interest in trading for Zack Greinke. This was just before last night’s deadline for teams to have players it wishes to have on its postseason roster on board. The talks went nowhere, Rosenthal said.

Greinke has had a disappointing season by his standards but he is obviously capable of going on a tear, the sort of which an apparently playoff-bound Dodgers team might covet around now. Of course they didn’t covet Greinke enough to match the Diamondbacks’ bid for him this past offseason, and he’s still owed $172.5 million over the next five seasons, so such interest may be fairly short-sighted.

If you’re the Dbacks it’s pretty understandable that you’d reject these overtures. Maybe they do regret giving all that money to Greinke, and maybe the club is going to clean out the front office folks responsible for that, but trading him back to a division rival after less than a season would be a pretty large amount of pride to swallow. And heck, if they want to trade him, wait until this winter when everyone can bid on him, not just a small number of clubs.