No trade: Yasiel Puig is staying with the Dodgers. At least for now.

Getty Images

Yesterday it was reported that Yasiel Puig was claimed on waivers. But, as we know, waivers in August are revocable, meaning that just because a team claims a guy doesn’t mean they get him. And just because a waiver claim gives you a right to negotiate with the player’s team regarding a trade, doesn’t mean a trade will be made.

That seems to be what has happened with Puig, Jon Heyman reports that the allotted time for the claiming team to negotiate a trade had expired so the Dodgers pulled him back. ESPN’s Jim Bowden has reported that the team that claimed Puig did so in order to block¬†another team from claiming and then trading for Puig, which happens fairly often in these scenarios.

Puig continues to rake for Oklahoma City. He’s hitting .348/.400/.594 with 4 homers and 12 RBI in 19 games since being sent down. His season may end with the Triple-A season on September 11. Or, possibly, he could be called up to the Dodgers once again any time after tomorrow when the rosters expand.

At this point, who knows?