Edwin Encarnacion sued for battery over STD allegations

Associated Press

TMZ is reporting that Blue Jays DH Edwin Encarnacion has been sued for battery. The allegations involve the plaintiff’s claim that Encarnacion knowingly transmitted STDs to her. She says Encarnacion claimed he was clean and that they had unprotected sex. She claims that Encarnacion knew he was carrying STDs. She is seeking $11.5 million in damages.

Sometimes such suits are negligence suits, where the plaintiff claims that the defendant didn’t take the proper precautions to prevent the spread of the STD or, maybe, didn’t reasonable act to see if he had a disease. This suit is a battery suit, though, which essentially argues that Encarnacion intentionally or, more likely, recklessly spread the disease. Battery suits in such cases are more common. As such it is not, on its face, a frivolous suit. The facts will determine where this goes and how far.

As far as the $11.5 million: it’s rare for STD transmittal cases to result in large damages or to invoke large damages claims unless the disease is incurable, such as herpes and certain types of genital warts, or potentially fatal such as HIV or AIDS. Which is not to say that any of that is present or claimed in the current allegations — the specific disease is unnamed — just that these cases tend not to go far or to bring large economic returns unless they do. No one is commenting about it all, obviously, and any sort of speculation in that regard is obviously ignorant speculation.

If you want more details on it, TMZ has some, but that’s between you and TMZ.