UPDATE: Never mind. Yasiel Puig will talk to the media


The Oklahoma City Dodgers have announced that Yasiel Puig will speak with the media on Friday and then never again so long as he is in the minor leagues. Really, that’s how they put it.

Um, OK.

Yasiel Puig is certainly a popular person and phenomenon to write about, but I don’t feel like, on a day to day basis anyway, he’s someone anyone thinks of as a good quote. If anything it’s probably a relief for the press covering Oklahoma City that he’s not talking to the media. That way they can tell their editors, nope, no Puig quotes, so stop asking.

It’s probably for the best for all concerned, really. Puig has two jobs in Oklahoma City: rake and stay healthy so that the Dodgers can trade him or, less likely, use him for a playoff push. The world will somehow still turn if he doesn’t talk to the press.

UPDATE: Welp, never mind:

I’m glad we went through this exercise.