“A face full of nachos and cheese . . . salsa . . . beer went flying”


This past Saturday I was at Comerica Park watching a Tigers game, sharing a Mucho Nachos plate with my brother, complete with the pulled pork and the jalapenos and everything. We were sitting in a place where a foul ball could’ve easily come by, destroyed our nachos and changed our lives forever. But we were spared.

This man in Pittsburgh? Not so lucky.

It’s a sobering and sometimes paralyzing experience to see tragedy befall someone else and realize that it could just as easily have befallen you. When your time is up it’s up and God plays no favorites, but it’s easier to not think about the horrors which could visit us all, without a moment’s notice.

Hug your kids tighter today, my friends. Make every moment and every nacho count.

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